I strive to create a warning to the human race that we are liable for all our actions, including those which affect the world we live in. Long after we are gone, nature will not only thrive, but consume the ruins of human existence to spawn new ecosystems for the evolution of a multitude of burgeoning life forms. Living on Earth is analogous to renting an apartment, if we are bad tenants and trash someone else’s property, the landlord will eventually evict us. Mother Nature, God, or any other concept one may have as the ruling entity of the structure of life as we know it could be thought of as this proprietor. That being said, how can we possibly expect anything other than eviction with the way we are treating another’s property? This inevitably leads to the ever greater problem that we cannot just go down the street and rent another apartment. As far as we know, this may be the only dwelling we can inhabit in the cosmos. If we keep up our disposable practices we will soon be homeless. Nature will always and quickly find a better tenant once it has a vacant residence. Humans will be the sole entities who will rightfully pay the price if we do not do everything possible to curtail the damage we impart on our terrestrial home.

A West Virginia artist who holds a Master of Art with a concentration in sculpture from Marshall University and a Bachelor of Art with a concentration in painting from West Virginia State University. He has exhibited at numerous galleries and museums around the state and is currently an adjunct professor at West Virginia State University. The juxtaposition of being raised in a family with multiple generations employed by the local power plants and spending childhood summers in the wilderness of Pocahontas County is the shaping factor behind all his work. His goal is to create non-hypocritical place for people on both sides of the environmental argument to come together.